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The abbreviation EOT represents electric overhead traveling crane. Although it has the word electric in its name, it can be run by hand also. It is for the function of moving defined quantities of weight within a limited area. These are utilized for taking care of the weight too. They are typical in lots of offices which call for the moving of tons. These areas may either be large factories, research center centers and also production plants as well. It has a major need in sectors where it is common that there is heavy product which has to be raised.

Speaking about its framework, we could comprehend exactly how it can lift heavy tons. It has a traveling bridge associated with spanning of the space, which is linked to parallel runways. The traveling bridge additionally has a hoist which generally travels on the bridge. The electrical overhead traveling crane has a three part working system. In the initial action, the hoist is owned by the electric motor, which produces power. This power is sent over to the reducer in its high rate shaft area, which after refining it, sends it to the reducer to minimize the power to the called for amount, and also then outcome is received from the low speed shaft of reducer. This is just how the things are raised.

In the second step, the cart's crane is supplied with power by the motor. The power is again sent to the reducer's {high rate shaft, from where it goes to the reducer once more after being refined. The reducer minimizes the power to needed amount and outcome is gotten though the reduced speed shaft of the reducer. Then, through the fifty percent gear joint with the trolley. This is exactly how the products as well as items are driven on the crane in lateral position.

Last but not least, the trolleys' crane is owned once more by the electric motor. Simply like as in the 2nd step, power is sent to the reducer; from there it is refined by fifty percent equipment coupling and returned to the reducer. The reducer once again reduces the power of the motor to the called for degree as well as the output is received by the reduced rate shaft of electric overhead traveling crane the reducer. Below's the difference between the 2nd and the 3rd action. In the third action, after the outcome is received by the reducer's low rate shaft, it is then received by the complete gear combining joint. By doing this, the wheels of the crane step and also transportation of the materials is attained.

These cranes have 2 different models. The single girder electric overhead traveling cranes and the double girder overhead traveling cranes! Whenever there isn't a hefty tons to be lifted, the solitary girder electric overhead traveling crane is made use of. Whereas for the process of lifting hefty items and also materials, the dual girder is ideal! The reason is that a solitary girder EOT does not have enough power and also space to lug a great deal of material as well as any material that is hefty because it only has a solitary girder. It has it's applications in lightweight lifting job. Although it does have the capacity to lift less compared to a hundred kg of load as well as an optimum load of a few tones. The double girder electric overhead traveling crane could definitely raise a whole lot more and a great deal much heavier materials. They have the dual girder which aids spread the weight of the load uniformly on the maker permitting it to raise more weight.